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Max Schweitzer

I was going to write this in the third person to sound more professional, but that's silly. Let the artwork speak for itself!


 Hey! I'm Max. I was born in Buffalo, New York but moved to West Hartford, Connecticut when I was two years old. Well, my parents moved and I just came with them. I was lucky to be raised by parents who appreciate and encourage a passion for the arts: my mother is a potter, and my father is an architect and a musician. As a child, I would draw my favorite movie characters and tape my favorite sketches to my bedroom door.

Museum trips were a popular weekend activity during my upbringing. We went all over the place to see beautiful paintings and sculptures: The Wadsworth Atheneum, The MET, The New Britain Museum of American Art... you name it. What I noticed, though, was that most paintings looked the same. In a building saturated with such great work, most art blended together. There were always a couple pieces, however, that were instantly when I walked in the room. "There's a Polluck! Ooh, a Dali!" I would run over and explore every inch of those paintings, hoping to find something that the thousands before me had missed. 


As I continued to develop my illustration skills, I wanted to achieve two things. First: a style that was recognizably mine. A style where someone could see the drawing and instantly know who made those marks. And second, I wanted to create illustrations that pulled viewers in and always had more to discover. I wanted to draw with identity and infinite complexity. Not too much to ask for... right?

 I found myself drawn to all things wildlife. There's something special in capturing a gaze full of life and energy. I drew and drew and drew until my hand ached every day. Soon enough, I began selling work to friends and family. In 2017, I launched Schweitzer Studios. I've been absolutely overwhelmed with the support I've received from everyone along the way. Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and view my work, it means the world.

Outside of the arts, I work as a tennis coach privately and at a local high school. When I'm not in the studio or on the court, I enjoy long-distance running, playing pickleball with my beautiful girlfriend, Lia, and reading outside with Otis the old man (he's a dog). 

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