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Humanitarian Efforts

I create artwork to support charities fighting against environmental and social justice issues. A portion of all sales from paintings in each collection is donated to the specified charity at the end of the project. Scroll to learn more about the current project and past projects.

Current Project

Ukraine Flag

Support Ukranian Refugees

February 2022  -  Ongoing

20% all sales are donated to the not-for-profit organization CARE to help provide essential food, water, and hygiene packages to displaced Ukranian families.

Past Projects

Protect Our Ancestors

50% of proceeds from print sales and 30% of proceeds from original sales are donated to the Jane Goodall Institute. The Institute works tirelessly to protect Chimpanzees and other great Apes by conserving precious habitat and defending them from illegal poaching. 

January 2021  -  June 2021

IMG_6077 (1).JPG

June 2020  - November 2020

Stand Up for Social Justice

50% of proceeds from print sales go to to fight against racial inequality. 30% of themed commissions are donated to the cause as well.

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