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Sawdust Fired

Pots must be prepared with Terra Sigillatta in this technique. Terra Sigillatta is the process of applying many layers of fine particle clay to your bone-dry pots and then polishing them by hand to create a glossy finish.  The pots or, in my case, globes are then bisque fired, after which they are ready to have fresh botanicals adhered to them.  The pieces are then dunked in a fire clay slurry and placed into a makeshift kiln filled with sawdust, as pictured below.  The sawdust is ignited and slowly smolders for a few days, drying and cracking the slurry, and leaving a beautiful pattern.  As the sawdust burns down ever lower, the botanicals carbonize onto the pieces.  I started making the large globes when I injured my hand and could no longer throw on the wheel.  I was happy for the temporary change to hand-built vessels.

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