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Saggar Firing

This technique is one of my favorites.  It is totally unpredictable, but sometimes the results can be spectacular.  The first step in this process is to “Terra Sig” your pots as described above for sawdust firing.  Terra Sigillatta is the process of applying many layers of fine particle clay to your bone-dry pots and then polishing them by hand to create a glossy finish.  After bisque firing, we are ready for the fun stuff.  You may choose to use a clay saggar, foil saggar or paper clay saggar.  The saggar is filled with organic materials such as straw and sawdust that have been pickled in solutions of mineral salts.  I experimented by adding things like beets and wrapping my pieces with copper wire. The mineral salts create a variety of soft colors including peaches, pinks, burgundies, blues, and light greens.  Copper wire carbonizes onto the pots leaving dramatic dark lines. I’ve included pictures of both the clay saggars and foil saggars here.

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