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Drawings of water in motion have always fascinated me. How does an artist capture the essence of motion, all the miniscule droplets suspended in air, with just a pencil? That's the question that first got me to sit down and make Splash pt. 1. I went into the process not hoping for a beautiful piece, but rather with an eagerness to capture as much detail as I possibly could and an openness to the outcome.





Splash pt. 1

What I found was incredible. I had only focused on replicating each line of the image, not creating movement or capturing water. However, when I took a step back, all those individual lines I had drawn blended together and created a cohesive image of a die splashing into a pool of water. 

 Every so often, I like to take on the challenge of water once again. The careful attention that's required and satisfaction it provides makes for an addicting artistic puzzle.

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