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"Max is truly a phenomenal teacher. I have played tennis my entire life and I have learned more from him this summer than all previous years combined. He has been trained well himself as a player, and he passes all of that wisdom and skill to his students in a fun, relaxed, but efficient way. He tailors his instruction to the needs of his students - you can tell that he has a plan for you as an individual as you walk on to the court. As an educator myself, this is what good teaching looks like."

- Lisa G.

"On top of being such a great technical coach, Max has a totally easy-going demeanor that makes learning this sport really fun for my daughter. I’m confident that whatever level player he works with, he or she will come out a better player after working with Max."

- Celeste Z.

"We have been thrilled with our tennis lessons with Max. The lessons are extremely well run and include a very helpful warm-up that has really improved our footwork. In addition, the drills, combined with Max’s helpful coaching comments, have significantly improved our tennis strokes.  Max’s uses the lesson time efficiently, and the lessons are very reasonably priced. The greatest thing about the lessons though is Max’s coaching style: he is very enthusiastic, positive and encouraging.  This coaching style has really brought out the best in our tennis games and has made the lessons fun and a highlight of our week!" 

Max's wonderfully engaging and energetic approach to coaching resonates with our children and we have been impressed with their progress in such a short time.

We are so glad we pursued lessons with Coach Max. He is a genuinely kind person who generously shares his knowledge of tennis to help his students succeed. I wholeheartedly recommend lessons with Coach Max to anyone seeking to improve their skills or to just have some social distancing tennis fun!”

- Jes C.

- Maureen R.

"Starting this summer as a newbie to the sport, I didn’t think I would be having *this much fun* practicing with friends and family members so soon after beginning lessons.  And in full honesty, that is all because Max is a wonderful coach.  He is a thoughtful planner; from warm-ups, to drills, to volleys, and even moreso, he has a sharp eye for form.  Max explains the “hows” and “whys” of what he is teaching in a reinforcing nature that quickly produces progress and confidence.  I appreciate Max’s patience, his positivity, and his passion for helping others succeed.  Highly recommend!"

- Natasha R.


“Better than most teachers. He teaches good. He makes us stretch and his games are fun.”

- Ben D, 10

"Max is definitely the best tennis coach I’ve ever had. His teaching methods are better and unlike most teachers. Max does the warm-up with his students instead of standing and watching. He tries to return every ball that is hit, even if it means he has to run back and forth across the court.... At the end of the lesson, we sometimes will play for points and Max hits the ball so that I have to use the skills that he taught me, usually skills that I learned that day. He never makes the shots too easy, he always gives a challenge. Doing only a few lessons with him will make you a lot better than you were before."

- Sophie S, 14

“He is a good teacher because he makes it fun. We get to do bowling and minigolf! The minigolf one is the best part!”

- Julia D, 8

"He’s always excited to get on the court and has a contagious passion for the craft. Max has a great eye for the individual mistakes in your swing and diagnosing a way to work through them. He highlights what you’re doing wrong and praises you on what you’re doing right. If you implement the advice he offers, you will experience noticeable strides in your tennis game. Can’t recommend him enough, max is definitely a real one."

- Jack F, 16

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