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Coaching Style

Having taken hundreds of lessons with coaches all around New England and the U.S., I've experienced countless different coaching styles. Some lessons were incredibly fun, while other were slow and tedious. Similarly, I left some lessons feeling like a much better player, and some feeling like I'd just wasted an hour.


With my tennis coaching, I've taken the most effective coaching techniques from my experience to create a coaching style that's not only extremely beneficial to the player, but that's also entertaining and energetic.


I use a building-block approach in my coaching. Each shot is broken down into multiple "phases". Each phase isolates a specific part of the swing and builds on each previous phase.

1. The first phase drills the essence of the swing. This is typically the point of contact and a partial follow-through. 

2.The second phase breaks down the racket preparation before the contact point and introduces more movement with the upper body. 

3. The third phase adds a full follow-through and complete preparation with the upper body.

4. The fourth and final phase adds in the essential footwork. This addition usually comes easily to the student since they will have already drilled the footwork in the first part of the lesson.

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