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Image by Ekaterina Tishkina

Explore Four Good


4 states, 4 trails overflowing with inspiration, 4 original artworks.


This summer, I'll be exploring four trails in four New England states. Between each trek, while I rest my legs, I'll complete an original piece of art inspired by what I experienced on the trail. Prints of these artworks will be available for purchase and 50% of all sales will be donated to an environmental nonprofit.

Additionally, I'll be collecting mile pledges from those that would like to support the project from another angle. Pledgers will commit to a certain dollar amount per mile and donate that amount, multiplied by the total number of miles I cover, to the nonprofit.

The Trails





New Hampshire


Worcester's East-West Trail

Length: 12.0 Miles

Date:  June 5th-6th

The Plan: Begin at Coes Reservoir traveling east. Enjoy the view at Lake Quinsigamond and then double back.

Metacomet trail.jpg

Metacomet Trail

Length: 55.5 Miles

Date: June 19th-20th

The Plan: Begin in Simsbury and travel north until the legs get tired for day 1. Travel south for day 2. 


West Pawlet-Rupert Rail Trail

Length: 23.3 Miles

Date: July 3rd-4th

The Plan: Begin in Pawlet and travel south. Say hello to the cows in West Pawlet.

pres traverse.jpg

Presidential Traverse Trail

Length: 24.5 Miles

Date: July 17th-18th

The Plan: Begin at the base of Mt. Madison and travel south. Sleep overnight and continue onwards for day 2.



Cool, but why?

I love being outside and feeling the wind smack my face as I gallop through the woods... but I also love creating impactful drawings that support organizations I believe in. This year, I wanted to combine these two passions into one unique, memorable project. After a couple months of research how to planning, Explore Four Good was born.

Got it, but which nonprofit are you supporting?

I've reached out to the local running brand, Janji, for a potential collaboration. If they're open to teaming up together, the nonprofit will be focused around expanding access to clean water. I will rely on Janji to decide which organization would most effectively utilize the donation. If the collaboration doesn't work out, donations go to the Boys & Girls Club of Worcester. I’ve worked with them in the past and believe in their mission to foster growth in less fortunate children and help them reach their true potential through academic mentoring, athletic events, and social support.

Awesome, but those four trails are going to do a number on your legs. What's the plan if you get injured?

Hopefully that won't happen. if I do have to take more time off to rest or heal though, no biggie.  I'll push back the dates of the future hikes. On the bright side, I’ll have more time to create beautiful works of art inspired by the trails!

Sweet, I'm in. How do I get involved?

Great! If you’re interested in pledging, click the contact button above and shoot me a message.  I'll get in touch with you and we can work out the details.  If you'd like to purchase a print or original work created for Explore Four Good,  make sure to follow me on Instagram @maxsschweitzer456 and Facebook @Max_Schweitzer. I'll be showcasing the works on social media as I complete them and prince will be available for purchase through my shop: Shop | SchweitzerStudios 

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