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What is Individualized Coaching?

Individualized coaching puts each player's personal goals first. Each drill is tailor-made to match the player's needs, skill level, and physical ability. Each lesson is completely unique and designed to get the most out of every hour.

Why this Approach? 

My Experience

I grew up on tennis. I trained all around New England. Recreational clubs, High-performance academies, collegiate coaching showcases, you name it. 


Having taken hundreds of both private and group lessons, I've noticed one key difference between the two. Real learning happens in private lessons. While group lessons can be fun, it's very difficult to find true, lasting improvement when the coach needs to generalize drills to fit the needs of multiple students.

Tennis Your Way

Unlike group-style coaching where the goal is to teach a large number of individuals the same technique and form, my individualized coaching takes into account each individual's preferences and limitations. 


After establishing the fundamentals, I emphasize an openness to experimenting. Rather than forcing one technique/strategy on each and every student, I guide the student through multiple approaches and discuss with them what feels natural and what does not. By creating a two-way feedback loop between myself and the individual, I help them develop a playstyle that’s both effective and uniquely theirs.

Train like the Pros

The best players in the world use individualized coaching. A 1-on-1 lesson allows the coach to be fully engaged with his/her player. There are two main benefits to this.

  1. Each drill can be crafted to fit the player's personal needs. Rather than focusing on general concepts like in group-style coaching, individualized coaching allows coaches to delve into the more subtle techniques for each shot. 

  2. Bad-habits can't fly under the radar. If a player starts developing ineffective or dangerous technique, the coach can quickly identify and correct it. This means faster learning and lower risk of injury.

Affordable Learning

Tennis lessons can be incredibly expensive. The largest drawback of individualized coaching tends to be the price. This means that players must choose between 1. paying out a hefty fee for effective 1-on-1 coaching or 2. cost-effective lessons where truly improving your game is an extremely slow process. It's a lose-lose situation.

At Technical Tennis Training, I pride myself on offering premium, individualized tennis coaching at an affordable rate. No more choosing between two bad options.

Still Curious?

Find out what sets me apart from other private coaches

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